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Released: 14 Aug 2007
Author: Plaxic
Map Description:
cs_assault_hotel - Hostage Rescue
by Plaxic (Xfire username: plaxic)
[This is my 2nd map] - Created 8/14/07

Based on cs_assault by CryptR (

Changes from cs_assault:

-CT Tower is slanted and with ventilation tops
-Middle tower is accessible by series of ladders
-Small tower on left side of spawn
-Building next to bridge is now a hotel
	-Hotel is accessed from bridge
	-Has 5 floors, 3 of which are open to entrance
	-Stairs go between the floors
	-5th (top) floor connects with the hostage room
	-Hostages can be rescued this way (break window)
-Hostage room is larger and connects with Hotel
-There is a roof above Hotel and Hostages accessible
	by ladder from bridge or by vents
-Roof above Hostages has vent entrance connecting with
	the central vent system
-2 extra ladders inside, one at front, one at back
-3rd ladder leads to small extra vent, which leads to
	the top of the blue containers at backdoor
-2nd backdoor leads into darker storage room which gives
	access to the inside of the warehouse
Download – 923 KB