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Released: 30 Jul 2007
Author: Plaxic
Map Description:
cs_assault_plaxic - Hostage Rescue
by Plaxic (Xfire Username: plaxic)

This map was made entirely from scratch
but is based upon the same layout/idea
and textures as cs_assault by CryptR.


-No bridge
-Catwalks all around CT Spawn
-Middle tower is an office with special vent
-Left Hallway to vent access and locked door
-Triple Vent system
-Four-level backdoor system with 2 entrances
-Terrorist Catwalk
-Front Terrorist Windows
-Dual Hostage rooms (2 hostages each, 4 total)
-Locked, vent-access-only Closet
-3 Level Warehouse
-Viewing grate at backdoor
-Unbreakable window on roof
-High roofs for each team
-Many other differences
- - - - -
Maximum Number of Players: 32
Hostages: 4
- - - - -
This is my first map and I hope you enjoy it.
Map information and a dedication wall are
accessible if you put sv_gravity to 200 and
jump over the brick wall above the backdoor
ramp system. If you would like to contact me,
my Xfire username is plaxic. Thanks for playing
my map - Plaxic.

Download – 2.0 MB