Plaxic's CS Map Archive

Counter-Strike 1.6 and Condition Zero

If you have a rare assault map, whether one you made or one you found, please feel free to send me the map via email at [myname] at protonmail dot ch, where [myname] is the alias I use (and the namesake of this website). Please first search for the map on this archive to see if it’s already here before sending it to me. Note that if the map is on GameBanana or 17Buddies, I almost certainly already have it and just haven’t put it up on the archive yet.

I am specifically aware of the following assault maps whose files I have been unable to find on the internet. If you have one of these, please send it my way!

  • cs_assault_snow4
  • cs_assault_1337_bk
  • cs_assault_1337_snow2
  • cs_assault_aztek
  • cs_assault_city
  • cs_assault_lowman
  • cs_assault_novaaim
  • cs_assault23_dm
  • csm_assault_2006
  • eb_assault2
  • ze_assault_tmax_lgcs
  • zm_assault_city
  • zm_assault_esconde_zs
  • zm_assault_LASERMOD_2024

– Plaxic