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Released: 18 Sep 2007
Author: Plaxic
Map Description:
cs_assault_blizzard_final - Hostage Rescue
by Plaxic (Xfire username: plaxic)
[This is my 3rd map] - Created 9/18/07
FINAL VERSION OF cs_assault_blizzard
(Lag Issue Fixed)

Based on cs_assault by CryptR (

Changes from cs_assault:

-Map is covered in snow, has snow falling
-Boxes are different colors and have Blizzard logo
-CT Tower has small inlet with pillars
-Middle tower is accessible by ladder
-There is a roof above Hostages with cliffs
-Hostage room is accessible from roof and mini vent
-2 ladders lead to this roof, the 1st is normal
-the 2nd comes down to ledge above cliff at bridge
-You die if you fall off this cliff
-Roof above Hostages has door which leads to back hall
-Back hall connects with warehouse + hostage vent
-Backdoor boxes have ladder leading up to them
-Terrorists have indoor tower above backdoor
-A vent from roof leads to this tower for CTs
-Extra roof part above normal roof leads to main vent
Download – 935 KB