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Released: 18 Dec 2007
Author: Plaxic
Map Description:
cs_assault_shadow - Hostage Rescue
by Plaxic (Xfire username: plaxic)
[This is my 11th map] - Created 12/18/07
US Army Truck Prefab by Duke

Based on cs_assault by CryptR (

Changes from cs_assault:

-Very dark night setting
-Areas are all lit uniquely for vision
-Completely different middle tower
-Area behind CT Spawn is now a garage with truck
-Elevator to tower next to CT Spawn
-This tower has windows and leads behind bridge
-Area to left of bridge connects to hostages
-Completely brand new, complex hostage room
-Warehouse has some different crates
-Backdoor has alternate entrance
-This alternate entrance wraps around warehouse
-Various other changes, including a new camera
Download – 792 KB