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Released: 24 Nov 2007
Author: Plaxic
Map Description:
cs_assault_december - Hostage Rescue
by Plaxic (Xfire username: plaxic)
[This is my 9th map] - Created 11/24/07

Based on cs_assault by CryptR (

Changes from cs_assault:

-Snow everywhere, snow falling
-CT Tower connects to tower above backdoor
-Backdoor tower connects to vent
-Bridge has stairs on left side
-Hostage room has door to bridge
-Hostage room is larger, different shape
-Hostage room has window overlooking front
-Catwalk inside is extended
-Vent has exit to blue box by back door
-Extra container inside
-2 windows on outside of warehouse
-Backdoor area slightly altered
-More crates inside
-Some ambient sounds
Download – 834 KB