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Released: 28 Oct 2007
Author: Plaxic
Map Description:
cs_1337city_assault - Hostage Rescue
by Plaxic (Xfire username: plaxic)
[This is my 6th map] - Created 10/28/07

Based on cs_assault by CryptR (*****

I originally started this map to be a "better"
version of cs_1337_assault, with better texturing,
details, lighting, and no glitches.  However,
I started to turn it into a map where the towers
actually had purpose, instead of just being camping
spots.  This turned into a full integration of the
towers with the rest of the map, and I just kept going
from there.  Now, the entire map is accessible, and it
feels similar to city_assault, but with a 1337_assault
twist, hence the name cs_1337city_assault.  It's a
mixture of the two, with a lot of brand new aspects
by myself thrown in, including a brand new sniping hall.
All in all, I would say this map is 30% 1337, 10% city,
and 60% brand new.  Everything is connected, so while
this map really is a sniper-style map, I designed it for
fun, smooth-flowing gameplay.  Enjoy!
Download – 897 KB